Protecting European Bank's brand.

Our customer is a Fortune 500 bank with millions of customers that range from private clients to small and medium sized enterprises around the globe. They offer their services multi-channel, and have hundreds of branch offices all over Europe. On seeing a rise in cyberattacks per bank, our customer felt under attack, and needed insight into where the threats were coming from. Even once attacks were detected, it took the bank days or even weeks to mitigate the problem, and despite anti-fraud solutions deployed, customers were falling victim to consumer phishing scams. The bank’s logs were showing almost 1,000 malicious activities each month, making their reputation and their customers a severely vulnerable target.

Segasec deployed their complete platform for digital risk, a proactive and pre-emptive approach for intelligence and response to customer-facing online fraud. Using a full list of the bank’s URLs and online assets, Segasec began monitoring the web, detecting threats at the earliest stages, and taking them down before they could evolve into live attacks. The result? Our customer has added an extra layer of security, external phishing schemes are now detected ahead of time, and threats are mitigated before users are ever exposed to risk.


Entersoft offers Anti-Phishing offerings in collaboration with Segasec. 

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